Single Pool Operators

February 17, 2022

Single pool operators are the largest group of stake pool operators in the Cardano community. Together we operate 70% of all stake pools. This is impressive in comparison to all metrics, except one. Only 22% of staked ADA is deligated to a stake pool in this group.

Stake pool groups by delegated stake

Daniel Ribar (Telegram, Twitter) - methodology -

So, let’s have a look at the breakdown:

  1. 12% is delegated to Binance pools (marketplace, 64 pools)
  2. 5,1% is delegated to pools run by 1 Percent Pools (28 pools)
  3. 3,6% to Ada lite (19 pools)
  4. 2,9% to eToro (9 pools)
  5. 2,6% to Moonstake (13 pools)

A total of 26,2% is delegated to the top 5 groups running a total of 133 pools.

I understand the desire to run more than one pool. The network allows it, there are no rules that prevent it, and for what it’s worth, it gives IT experts challenging projects in return for decent revenue. However, is it what the network designers had in mind when they decided to create a fully decentralized network the likes of no one has seen before?

I, for one, think that it’s in the interest of the network to decentralize in a way that brings a lot more people to the table. This allows each one to handle a small number of pools with great returns. The result would be a healthier network with fewer breaking points where large chunks of the network are controlled by very few individuals.

So, if you’re an ADA holder. Delegate your ADA to a smaller pool. As soon as a pool reaches around 1 million in staked ADA, your rewards will be constant every epoch. In many cases, luck will grant you higher than average passive revenue.

Your average single pool operator is also more than willing to talk with you about your goals and answer any questions you may have about staking your ADA. So feel free to contact them. You can find me on Twitter, Telegram, and email any time.

– KS

Single Pool OperatorsKjartan Sverrisson

I’m an expert in running complex distributed computer systems with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. I’m in this for the long run, and I hope you’ll join me. If you have any questions, I’m available for you on Twitter and our pool’s Telegram channel. Feel free to reach out.

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